Home staging works!

There is a lot of debate out there currently as to whether or not home staging will in fact sell your home faster and for more money. While there is never any guarantee in this business I can tell you from personal experience that home staging makes a huge difference in selling a home, especially a vacant one!

Home buyers and Realtors love to see staged homes! The Realtors love staged homes because it makes their job 10x easier because the prospective buyer can visualize the space themselves. Prospective buyers will also spend more time looking at the home if it is staged, and even gives them a place to have a seat to further discuss the home. The longer the prospective buyer spends in the home the greater the chances of them writing an offer!


Let me tell you about the first home that I had staged.  The townhouse had been on the market for 150 days.  I had over 30 showings on the property but no offers.  Feedback always came back that the home was poorly laid out and small.  On day 150 I had the home staged.  Hosted an open house and got a contract in less than a week.  Feedback immediately changed to how well laid out and large the rooms were! I highly recommend hiring a professional stager!

Chris McGuire, McGuire Real Estate Team
  • q-iconHow do I know if home staging will help me?

    Home staging will most likely help you. With that being said though its not right in all cases. Suggest you meet with us or a professional stager to find out if staging is right for you.

  • q-iconHow much will this cost?

    Pricing can vary dramatically. Home staging costs will depend on the level of staging you wish to go with. The home stager we regularly use has very competitive pricing levels.

  • q-iconWhat about if I'm selling a vacant home?

    This is when home staging is MOST effective. Vacant homes are difficult for buyers because most of the time they cannot visualize the space. I highly recommend staging if the home is vacant.

  • q-iconHow do I pay for home staging?

    Most times the home stager will be paid immediately after the home is staged.  There are times though when a home seller is in a difficult place financially and I will work to have the stager paid at closing directly by the title company.

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