Buying a home is a fun and emotional journey. Sometimes the perfect home is the first one you go view and other times it takes 10, 20 and 30+ homes in order to find the perfect one. The McGuire Real Estate Team would love the opportunity to be there with you for the entire home buying process. We view ourselves as professional real estate advisors and not salespeople. The last thing that a home buyer needs is a pushy salesperson type realtor pushing them into a home because they want to get paid.

The McGuire Real Estate Team does things differently. We will spend time with you before going to look at any homes in order to determine what you want in a home. We call this process the buyer consultation which will involve meeting at the office and sitting down with a legal pad and a computer. Together we will compile a list of your needs and wants, and if you’re up for a little homework compile a list before the buyer consultation! After the list is compiled we will then create a custom home search that is tailored just for you.

Once we know your wants we then have to determine what your purchasing power is, aka get you pre qualified with a lender. Every buyer and buyer’s situation is different as are lenders, The McGuire Real Estate Team has a working relationship with many lenders in the Tampa Bay area and some that aren’t local. If you do not already have a lender we will recommend several lenders for you to interview so you can pick the one that you’re most comfortable with. Getting pre qualified is quite possibly the most important step in the home buying process and we recommend you get this done as soon as you start seriously considering purchasing a home.

Once you’re prequalified and have completed a buyer consultation you are officially ready to go shop for your home! So what are you waiting for,  lets get started!