Welcome to the webpage for the McGuire Real Estate Team! I would like to thank you for considering using our team for your real estate needs. It is an honor and something that isn’t taken lightly, selling or buying a home isn’t just a transaction to us. For home sellers this is where memories were made, and for home buyers this is the place where memories will be made. These past and future memories is what makes real estate so special and emotional. The sale of a home isn’t a transaction to you and it shouldn’t be with the real estate company you choose to represent you.

We hope that you will spend some time going through our webpage and blog learning about what we offer to our clients that sets us apart from other real estate agents. We view ourselves as professional real estate advisors and not salespeople. The McGuire Real Estate Team is dedicated to providing superior real estate services to our customers by leveraging our experience, knowledge and databases to sell or find you that perfect home.


Erin McGuire

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